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Introducing Jet Cavoodle

Introducing Jet Cavoodle

Let me introduce Jet Cavoodle. Often referred to as the Buddy (he answers to both), Jet is 9 years old and we couldn't imagine life without him. When a close friend purchased her Cavoodle about 11 years ago I was introduced to the amazing world of poodle cross breed dogs.

So far Jet has lived in the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia, Newcastle, NSW, Auckland, New Zealand and Singapore for just over a year. From Singapore, Jet Cavoodle flew back to Australia to Sydney for quarantine for 10 days (the longest 10 days ever!) before a quick flight back to Brisbane before his final drive up the highway to the Sunshine Coast. After a short stay Jet flew to Fiji, where we were once again reunited and I don't think we'll be leaving here anytime soon.

If you’re thinking of moving, especially relocating internationally, I can certainly help out with tips. Jet loves to go for a walk and a swim, he watches tv, puts himself to bed when told, sits with his legs crossed at the front, he’s mostly well behaved, goes stand up paddle boarding, thinks he’s human, gives the best cuddles in the world. I’m sure he’s exactly like your Oodle if you are in the fortunate position to have one as part of your family.

We’d love to hear what amazing and crazy things your poodle mix dog gets up to? Do you have a Labradoodle, Spoodle, Groodle, Moodle or one of the less common crosses, perhaps a Bordoodle, Eskapoo, Jackapoo, Schnoodle or Whoodle?

There is not an outing that goes by without somebody in the street stopping us for a chat. I want to share my oodle world with those considering welcoming one into their life and say hi to all the Oodle lovers and owners out there, creating a community of everything poodle mix.

My oodle, Jet Cavoodle is the inspiration for this website. Thank you for stopping by MyOodle.