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18 Fun Facts About Jazz Cavoodle

18 Fun Facts About Jazz Cavoodle

I love to introduce to you to dogs and their owners who are part of the MyOodle Community. 

Today's cavoodle barely needs any introduction. Jazz Cavoodle is the cover girl of our 2016 Oodles of Love Charity Calendar let's get to know her better.

Mum had been wanting a dog for 14 years, that's how long it took her to convince Dad. One Saturday she said lets go and "look" at come Cavoodle pups. The rest is history... I mean how could they possible resist me! (They chose me when I was just 3 weeks old.

If Mum can take me with her she does I'm a real social animal! I love people and dogs oh and cats and birds and um yes leaves too, actually I love anything that moves! (Oh and I usually my get my own way by giving people this look)

Mum and Dad even bought me a motorhome so we can call travel together. I get super excited when they start packing and I run around like crazy. I even have a travel basket so I can go cycling with them! I'm a very spoilt pup. (Here I am cruising in the motorhome)

  • I love to lick my Dads face, and only his cos I know he loves it.
  • I'm a fussy eater, it must be raw! I've got Mum sorted now she makes it for me, it's yummo, I never leave a scrap.
  • In the mornings I poop on demand Mum scrunches the bag in her hand and away I go.
  • Dad made all the rules concerning me, but then he broke them all, I'm even allowed on the big bed at nights.
  • I know just the look to give humans to get my own way, it's just too easy.
  • I love the beach, but not the water so much.
  • I don't love baths.
  • After my groom I'm pleased as punch with myself and I strut my stuff so mum can take lots of photos I can do lots of tricks cos I'll do anything for treats... Bang bang is my funniest Mum says its a slow death.
  • When Mum says kiss... I give her a peak on the cheek with my nose, when she says other side I do the other cheek.
  • I do my happy butt wiggling dance every time I see my Mum, sometimes she's been away a whole 2 minutes.
  • Mum is always telling me she loves me to the moon and back, I think that means quite a lot cos it's a very long way isn't it?
  • Mum talks to me all day long, I give her lots of head tilts in reply.
  • I go crazy about 8pm every night, when Mum and Dad wanna relax, I wanna play.
  • I can never get enough cuddles and tummy rubs.
  • I'm fussy about textures, I don't like the feel of fake sheepskin or cooling mats (Mum had to make a special cotton cover).
  • I have lots of nicknames: Monkey, Cutie Pie, Little character, Jazzy, Jazza Wazza, Jazzalicious,
  • I know I'm in trouble when Dad says the words " By Crikey".
  • If I don't like what Mum or Dad are saying I just look away and I won't look at them even when they say my name.
If you'd like to introduce your poodle mix dog on please contact me so I can make it happen.

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