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2015 Cutest Poodle Mix Dogs

2015 Cutest Poodle Mix Dogs

As we round up 2015 let's take a look at this year's cutest poodle mix dogs.


Wow what a year! There's been so much going on I've barely had time to tell you about it. Many blogs take a break over Christmas I'm going to have time to do some catching up.

Throughout the year I find I can't blog as much as I would like because I'm working on other clients projects, which I might say is an awesome problem to have. Living in Fiji is wonderful but also adds a level of complexity and often means tasks take longer to complete. I've learnt this year I've got to be realistic about the volume the projects I can realistically get done and still have time left over for some fun in the sun.

Mr MyOodle drew the short straw and has to spend some of the time over Christmas and New Year working. I won't be doing client work, I'll pop in here when I feel like it and fill you in on some of this year's goings on and get ready for 2016. I have a thousand ideas running through my mind, let's just see how many I can get across the line.

In the meantime let's take a look at some of this year's cutest pics.

No. 13 Toby Cavoodle 

Toby Cavoodle came to our Brisbane model photo shoot dressed to impress. Thanks again to to Frankie Anne Photography for making the Brisbane session possible.

No. 12 Daisy Cavoodle

Daisy Cavoodle's photo is a great example of an awesome photo taken of a black dog, fantastic light highlights all the details.

No. 11 Chester Cavoodle 

Who couldn't resist including a handsome cavoodle complete with bow tie.

No. 10 Paddington Labradoodle

Paddington Labradoodle looks handsome as he poses for his calendar photo earlier in 2015. You'll have to watch out for the details of this year's calendar entry porcess, it will be here before you know it.

No. 9 Maddie Faye and Sophie Ann Smith Maltipoos Hoover, Al USA

Such a great shot from a different angle. Maddie and Sophie are new MyOodle friends from the USA.

No. 8 Cinnamon Cavoodle

Cinnamon's photo was taken by Jane Moore the lady responsbile for our dog calendar getting started in the first place. Her shots are always unique, thanks Jane.

No. 7 Cobi & Tilly Cavoodle

I still can't beleive I managed to keep the secret, these two rascals were going to be in the calendar, for a year! Cobi's adoption story was shared on MyOodle in 2013 and continues to be one of our most poopular blog posts to this day.

No. 6 Murphy, Scarlett and Emmylou Goldendoodle

In 2015 we were overwhelmed with photo entries for our calendar and diary with photos being sent in from all over the world. Murphy, Scarlett and Emmylou Goldendoodle are from Bristol Tennessee in the USA.

No.5 Humphry Groodle

Humphry took the world by storm in 2015. His baby photo shoot went viral in a matter of hours and it's not hard to see why.

No. 4 Monte Moodle

In 2015 we met Monte Moodle for the first time and boy can his Mum take a great photo. Monte's Mum is a graphic designer and website guru; all round magician when it comes to all things printing and design.  Without Monte's Mum our charity calendar wouldn't have been possible.

No. 3 Jet Cavoodle

Number three but always my number one; Jet Cavoodle, aka the buddy, little man. The best company, office assistant, exercise partner and cuddle giver I know. Our world wouldn't be the same without you.

No. 2 Oreo Cavoodle

Perhaps I'm a little biaised about this little buddy; Jet's new cousin Oreo Cavoodle joined the family, and we all think he's pretty darn cute and has a cute name to match.

No.1 Jazz Cavoodle

Cover girl and all round cavoodle super star. Jazz and her Mum Tarn have gone above and beyond this year in supporting our annual charity calendar. Once choosen for the calendar Tarn arranged a special photo shoot and asked if we needed particular shots. And once the calendar was available for sale bought 50 calendar as gifts and to sell to raise funds for our chosen charity.

Merry Christmas from MyOodle!
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