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2017 MyOodle Calendar Entry WINNERS!

2017 MyOodle Calendar Entry WINNERS!

​Shortlisting entries for the MyOodle Calendar is one of the hardest jobs I have each year. I always end up with too many dogs, I want to include everybody. This year we've had cavoodle, cavapoo, maltipoo, moodle, shoodle, groodle, and goldendoodle entries for the calendar.

Last month I annouced the winners of the model competition and since then their photos have been taken; oh my they're brilliant and I can't wait to show you. 

So here we are today announcing the winners for photos that will be entered directly into the calendar. These photos were taken by their owners or via professional photo shoots arranged by their owners (with permission from the photographers to publish). 

My aim is to include as many poodle mix dog types as possible with a focus on high quality images, so if you don't see your poodle mix in the list, please make sure you enter next year.

Drum Roll Please...

2017 MyOodle Calendar Winners

Lavender Cavapoo - United Kingdom

Goldendoodles Group - Bristol Tennessee USA

Austin Cavoodle - Melbourne VIC Australia

Delilah Cavoodle - Gold Coast QLD Australia

Paisley Goldendoodle ON Canada

Honey Cavapoo - United Kingdom

Lucy Cavoodle - Brisbane QLD Australia

Chloe Cavoodle - Gold Coast QLD Australia

Combined with the professional model shots I've still got too many wonderful dogs but where there's a will there's a way. A couple of sneak (I couldn't leave them out bundles of photography cuteness) will be featured on a collage on the back cover.

Our blog post feature image of a puppy Goldendoodle / Groodle was taken by professional photographer Elizabeth Large from Canada. Paisley Goldendoodle was also taken by Elizabeth and I know you're going love it when the calendar comes out!

The most photographed Cavoodle in the world!
Here's an idea for your dog's next birthday!

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