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PHOTO & MODEL CALL for the 2017 MyOodle Charity Calendar

PHOTO & MODEL CALL for the 2017 MyOodle Charity Calendar

It's that time of the year again, following a short break over Christmas it's time to announce the opening of the photo submission process for the 2017 MyOodle Charity Calendar.

Wow it come around quickly! This year I wanted to open the process as early as possible to give you more time to apply and arrange for the photos to be taken. Last year we starting selling calendars in August, this year I hope to pull that back to July. 

I haven't forgotten about the profit from the 2016 calendar, they are still available for sale and the profit will be announced shortly. I think you're going to be blown away by the total our amazing community has raised.

The choice of who gets the gig in the 2017 charity calendar will be made by myself. I want to include as many types of poodle mix dogs as possible and I'm working with the title 'Oodles of Oodles'. The types of dogs will be balanced with the quality of the photo submission and the location. I'll have a lot of matching up to do once all the photos are sent in. 

All entries not successful for inclusion on the calendar will automatically be considered for the 2017 MyOodle Diary.  I need 75 photos for the diary which will allow a lot more dogs to be included and who doesn't want to see their dog in print.

This year, it doesn't matter where you live in the world, there are three ways for your dog to enter.

1. Models

I have volunteer photographers in selected locations who are willing to take photos for the calendar free of charge. These locations include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Tennessee USA. How exciting to have six locations and for the first time to be including one from America. I will announce the lucky winner of these shoots when the models for the calendar are announced. 

So, if you live in one of these locations please submit your photos for a chance for your dog to be selected.

Special thanks goes to

2. Professional Photos

I have a newly launched Pet Photographers Guide complete with photographers who are offering discounted packages to MyOodle followers. The MyOodle Pet Photographer Guide features only the highest quality, best value dog friendly photographers to perfectly capture your pet. Click the link for more details >> Pet Photography Guide.

This entry method does not guarantee selection in the calendar but does ensure your photo submission is of high quality and you'll have a lasting memory of your dog. My aim is to include as many of these images as I can in the 2017 MyOodle diary.

If you don't live in an area where our preferred professional photographers are, you can also have professional images taken and submit them to MyOodle.

You may have previously had professional images taken, these are also perfect to submit for an entry.

All professional images need to be large in size (at least 5mb) and you need to have permission from the professional photographer for it's use in the calendar. I will decide if any of these photo entries are suitable for the calendar and don't guarantee inclusion.

3. High Quality Images Personal Images

Are you good behind a camera? You can also send your best images from around the world into MyOodle.

All high quality images need to be large in size (at least 5mb) for it's use in the calendar, but don't send these in right away. Attach a smaller version (<1mb) to the MyOodle Forum and if successful I will contact you for a high quality version for printing.

I will decide if any of these photo entries are suitable for the calendar and don't guarantee inclusion. It's really important these images are not snapped off a smart phone. We're not looking for happy snaps. Composition, lighting and colour all need to be super high quality to make the calendar the best we can.

If you're supplying a photo you want to be used for the calendar or diary, the photo needs to be taken at your dog's eye level. If you have a copy of the 2016 Oodles of Love Charity Calendar you will see what I mean by taking a look at the photos in it.

The diary also has lots of great examples. So when you're taking the photo get down at your dog's eye level (just like in the feature image of this blog post) and point the camera straight at them down at this height rather than looking down at them from above.

MyOodle doesn't use images with humans in them and we love it if the background is plain, clear of clutter or outdoors with the beach, grass or trees as the backdrop.

Does age matter? 

The age of your dog doesn't matter, behaviour is the main thing.  Our photographers are awesome but it certainly helps to get a good photo of your dog if they are well-behaved.

We definitely want one or two puppies - because, they are sooo darn cute.

How do we enter?

In order for everybody to see the entries all you need to do is pop over to the MyOodle Forum and create a post introduce yourself and your dog telling us in 50 words or less why you want to be a part of the calendar for 2017, making sure you attach the cutest photo ever of your dog so we can check them out. Please include 2017 Dog Calendar somewhere in the title of the post so I can find your entry.

The images for the calendar need to be landscape or able to be cropped to landscape. The images for the diary need to be portrait or able to be be cropped to portrait. It's ok to include two images in your entry.

The photo size needs only be small for entry (< 1mb is great), you may find large photos difficult to upload, I will speak directly to any entries with professional images to get a high quality, large image when needed.

Closing Date

Entries for Option 1 MODELS closes: 31st March 2016.

Entries for Option 2 PROFESSIONAL IMAGES closes: 30 April 2016.

Entries for Option 3 PERSONAL IMAGES closes: 30 April 2016.

The closing date for the models allows one month for the photo shoot to be completed, resulting in all images being finalised by 30 April 2016. Then I get the mammoth job of selecting the best images.

Winners will be notified via the email address attached their MyOodle Forum registration details. All selected models will have 3 days to reply to their email notification before we move into the next model on the list (we can't chase people).

If you're going to arrange paid professional images to be taken you have to get cracking so these can be submitted by the due date.

Please consider your dog's grooming schedule in relation to the taking of all photos for submission. I think we'd all agree poodle mix dogs look cuter with some fluff. Planning a photo shoot less than 1-2 weeks after their latest grooming session isn't ideal. Likewise, we want to see your dog's eyes so leaving them get too wooly and overgrown isn't great either. Jazz Cavoodle below is just perfect if you're looking for an example (slightly shorter body hair is ok too).

By entering to be included in the MyOodle 2017 Dog Calendar you're automatically giving permission for your image to be used for promotional purposes and other future MyOodle products created by 

All selected models will received high quality copy of the photos taken of their dog - our way of saying thank you.

I'm so looking forward to seeing all the entries. Let the cuteness begin!

{2016 Oodles of Love MyOodle Charity Calendar}

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Lydia Grady on Thursday, 21 January 2016 11:43

(2017 MyOodle Charity Calendar)

(2017 MyOodle Charity Calendar)