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You can teach an old dog new tricks!

You can teach an old dog new tricks!
Ever seen a dog on a treadmill? Ever thought about training your dog to walk on a treadmill?
I've got Caesar Milan the famous dog whisperer to thank for this brilliant idea.
While planning our move to Fiji I became aware that Fiji may not be the best place in the world for Jet Cavoodle to live.  Fiji is awesome, however there is lots of street dogs who sometimes don't have the best manners.  Being a tropical environment there is also a pretty full on wet season. So I said to myself 'what are we going to do about this?'
Having watched my fair share of Dog Whisperer episodes I knew Caesar recommended a treadmill for some of his clients.  I also wanted one for myself, so before we left Singapore I bought a second hand treadmill.
I mentioned my plan to a few people, who thought I was entirely nuts, I'm happy to say they can now eat their words because Jet is now fully trained to walk on the treadmill and it's already come in handy because right now we're in the middle of the wet season.
We started with two people, Mr MyOodle standing over Jet who was on the treadmill and me at the front talking to Jet and keeping his attention.  We started out super slow and gradually increased the pace. The first 30 sec session was usually great but part way through the second session Jet decided sitting down was a much better option.  After each mini session we would give him a treat and pile on the praise.
Then Mr MyOodle went to work so I was on my own and figured training needed to continue. How were we going to do it?
Light bulb moment! He walks perfectly well beside me, I wonder if he'll do that on here. Let's give it a try, and it worked.

We still started with small timeframes and gradually worked up, and gave a treat at the end of each mini session.

So far our record is 15 mins in 3 mins mini sessions. We started the speed around 2 and now comfortably walk between 3-3.5. At the end of each mini session Jet can't wait till the treadmill stops, he's so quick to park his bottom because he knows the treat is coming.
So far so good.

Look Mum, I can walk on a treadmill!

Dog on Treadmill | MyOodle
We don't believe this replaces a good ol' fashioned stroll outside or a brisk walk at the park or beach and we encourage Jet to go out in the yard often during the day.  I think of the treadmill as something that adds a bit of variety and a solution for the rain days we have here during the wet season.  The extra steps I end up doing can't be bad either. We certainly take his tail wagging as a good sign.
Do you have a treadmill or ever thought about training your dog to use one?
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