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How To Photograph A Black Dog

How To Photograph A Black Dog

A little while ago you met Oreo Cavoodle, Jet's newest cousin. Since then a number of have asked for tips on how to photograph a black dog. Given Oreo is mostly black I'm going to get good at it each time I visit him in Australia. Here's my best tips for taking fantastic photos of a black dog.


Oreo Cavoodle IMG 2854 650

1. Light

The single most important element to consider when taking a photo of a black dog is light. And you're going to need lots of it. Make sure the dog is looking into the sun, early morning or late afternoon sun is best as it will be coming in at the correct angle to ensure their face is lit up nicely. Midday sun will cast a shadow over head and won't be great.

You'll have to position yourself slightly to the side or downhill to ensure your body doesn't cast a shadow over the dog you're trying to photograph.

Oreo Cavoodle IMG 2869 650

2. Contrast 

The best way to define a black dog is to photography them against a light background. It just incredible the difference a white blanket or leather lounge will make. Great choice, little brother, you've made my job of photographing Oreo so much easier.

Oreo Cavoodle IMG 2838 650

3. Angles

Try for differernt angels, in the photo above I managed to highlight Oreo Cavoodle's eyes and I think you'll agree they stand out because I captured the whites of his eyes.

4. Highlight Colour Variations

If the dog has little white feet, then make sure you can see them, it will create some variation and give a point of interest.

5. Accesories & Toys

A colourful dog collar or toy will add some colour to the scene and provide a pop of colour. Cute with any colour dog but especially lifting when taking a photo of a black dog.

6. iPhone Tip

If you have an iphone then press on the screen in camera mode, in the darkest spot on the screen. You will see a yellow box appear, your phone will adjust the exposure to suit the area you have selected. It should brighten everything up for you revealing more of your dog's features. This function will tend to make any white or pale coloured background be quite blown out or bright, but given the purpose is to take awesome photos of your dog I'm sure this is ok.

Give these tips a try and see how you go, I'd love to see the results especiially if you take some hugely improved images.

Is your dog black? How do you go taking photos of your dog?


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