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If your dog could talk...

If your dog could talk...
I often wonder what Jet Cavoodle would say if he could talk.  I think it would go something like this....
  • You know I can't talk back don't you.
  • I would really prefer the mince for dinner.
  • It wasn't me, I didn't do it.
  • Can't we just go the beach and stay there all day.
  • Come play with me....ppllleeeeeaaassseee!
  • Please fetch me a treat, I think I deserve one or two or three or four.
  • Can I have a cuddle please?

Jet Cavoodle

I asked on our facebook fans what they thought their dog would say if they could talk and this is what everybody said:

Where's my lead and ball!!!!
I have my six year old convinced I can understand my spoo 
One day miss six 'pretended'she had a bath and I could tell she was lying to me so I told her Mia dobbed on her and she didn't wash up in the bath
She hated Mia for a few hours but now she says ' mum, what Mia thinking?'
"Mum I'm huuuuungry, no wait I want to go for a walk... Ooh what's that?"
Chase me, properly, run, run, run.
Mummy take me for a walk oh and can I have a treat too
Where have you been, ive missed you so much. Me: I put the washing away I was gone 10 minutes.
I love my mummy. Where's my treaty?
Please stop working on the computer and come play with me
I love you
Thanks for being a fab mummy Xx
Yeh they're so 'sooky' lol
Lady let's go for a ride in the car.
Tilly and Bruce would definitely say "I love you"
I love you mummy
It's too cold out, can't I just pee inside!
Feed me, followed by is it time for a walk.....with treats of course, feed me
Play with me!!!
Common let's go camping
Get that camera out of my face!
Love you Mumma
Jet Cavoodle
What would your dog say?


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