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The most photographed Cavoodle in the world!

The most photographed Cavoodle in the world!

Every year Jet Cavoodle is part of the MyOodle Dog Calendar and this year I wanted to show off a tiny snippet of Fiji.

You'll remember last year we had some family photos taken at Natadola Beach in Fiji. I wrote about my top tips for successfully including your dog in your family photos, which was awesome, only there was one thing I forgot to add.

Remember to take photos of your dog by themselves.

​Yes, we went to all that effort and forgot to take a photo of Jet on his own. Our focus was to capture the three of us and it wasn't till I was printing some of the photos and thinking about the 2017 MyOodle Dog Calendar I realised, so last week between trips away we took Jet for his very own photo shoot thanks to Leezett Photography here in Fiji. 

I must say at this point, the images in this blog post are mine not Merelitta's from Leezett Photography. We need to keep Merelitta's awesome work, under wraps until the calendar is released later in the year. 

Great shot of Jet Cavoodle, not so great for the horizon and skyline, which is super important to keep in mind.
Thankfully he's not looking at me because he's looking at Merelitta and being a good boy.
Don't forget some down time when taking photos of your dog, we all got covered in sand during the hour we were on the beach.
What's been doing?
2017 MyOodle Calendar Entry WINNERS!

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