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Merry Christmas from MyOodle!

Merry Christmas from MyOodle!

Wherever you are in the world we wanted to say Merry Christmas from MyOodle in Fiji!


This is our Christmas card to you and your family. 

2015 is the second year in 8 years our Christmas tree has gone up. Not because we're not into Christmas because we've lived in four countries and quarnatine rules and space meant that it took till this move to have our tree with us.

Any yes, this meant I had to have a photo in front of the tree.


Mum says it's important not to forget your dog this Christmas, she's pretty sure you won't because she knows we are al loved so much. She says Christmas Day dog walks often get forgotten or people don't have time. She says even a short stroll to walk off some Christmas lunch is a great idea.

Mum says that we'll be going for a walk in the morning as long as it's not raining and if it is raining then we're going to walk on the treadmill. Either way we'll both be getting some exercise done before we head out for lunch and lots of yummy Christmas food. 




These are some of the poodle mix dogs we've been showing off on our facebook page and just had to share them with you.

We think you'll agree, they are super cute.




Yes she did make me wear the wreath and yes I did sit still because I'm super used to her taking photos now and modelling for her keeps my brain active and usually there's a cuddle and a treat in it for me.
Thank you to everybody who shared their Christmas oodle photos with us this year, this blog post includes just a few, there were so many fantastic pics this year.
Thanks for joining in the fun this year and we look forward to following it up with an even better year next year.

Safe safe during the holidays.

ps. Thank you to the most patient dog in the world who has yet again allowed me to take thousands of photos of him during 2015. Love you my buddy and thanks for hanging out with me on Christmas day.




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