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MyOodle recommends Puppy School, here's why?

MyOodle recommends Puppy School, here's why?
I often get asked if puppies need to go to puppy school? Many owners think perhaps they are too young and silly to learn anything and often wonder 'what's the point?' Others are concerned their dogs will be exposed to deadly diseases before they are fully immunized.

Jet Cavoodle went to puppy pre-school and then continued onto another basic dog obedience class.  This is what we found helpful about puppy preschool.

Top 5 Reasons to Attending Puppy Preschool

1. Safe Environment

Puppy schools are very often operated through you local vet clinic. Jet's was and this meant we knew all the owners had followed the same vaccination protocol, resulting in the dogs all being safe to play with prior to the 12 weeks immunisations. Our puppy pre-school location was the car park outside the Vet Surgery, this also meant we didn't have to worry about the grass having any nasties in it.

2. Socialisation

The earlier your dog becomes social with other dogs the better chance you have of them being well balanced, friendly, social dogs. Remembering also the Trainer will have control over the class at all times.

3. Known Dogs

You might not know the other dogs but the trainer for the puppy school will and they will also know how to handle any situation before it gets out of hand.  Unlike the dog park where you can't reply on all dogs and dog owners having the same manners as yourself and your dog.

4. Training

It's never to young to learn and the same can be said for puppies. You'll be surprised what you can teach them in a short period of time. Your Puppy School Trainer will give you the techniques to make this process far easier.

It also gave me an fantastic opportunity to train other family member. Don't laugh. I knew Mum and Dad were going to be caring for Jet often enough, due to our travel schedule. Dad is the biggest most inconsistent softie ever, so I used Puppy Preschool as an opportunity to remind him of the basics.

 5. Bonding

The first few weeks and potentially months of having a new puppy can be a little testing. They are amazing but often there's literally a whole pile of wee and poo to deal with, so I found Puppy Preschool a real opportunity to connect with Jet Cavoodle.  Having Dad along to the classes was a great chance for us to spend time together. 

Have you been to Puppy Pre-school? Are you planning on going to Puppy Preschool?

6 weeks of carrying Jet Cavoodle up the stairs
RIP Buzzy Cavoodle We Will Miss You


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