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The Perfect Way to Spend a Lazy New Year's Day!

The Perfect Way to Spend a Lazy New Year's Day!

I've got the perfect way to spend a lazy New Years Day. Even if you didn't have a big night last night chances are you're tired from a big festive season so I thought I'd share this, but be aware it's oh so addictive.

This app called 'Super Photo' is hugely popular at the moment and for good reason; quickly and easily you can produce these super cool images that look more like a painting. 

Unlikely to ever get Jet Cavoodle to sit for a real portrait, this comes a close second place.

Some colours work better than others and some textures also work better than others.

The only problem is stopping at only one or two images.

Before I knew it, I'd created 10 images.

I bet you can stop at two.

NB. Not sponsored just had to share.

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