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Here's an idea for your dog's next birthday!

Here's an idea for your dog's next birthday!

It seems every time I go online somebody's dog is having a birthday.


It's become popular for dog owners to arrange a professional photography session to capture their dog. Boston Cavoodle's photo shoot was the first professional photoshoot with a dog's birthdday as a theme.

Boston 3

Dogs are with us for what is really a fleeting time so capturing a memory forever it such a brilliant idea. Combining it with a birthday - how fun!

I've always marked Jet's birthday by taking some high quality photos which are better than my everyday happy snaps taken on my iPhone. Apart from using these photos extensively on MyOodle, I want to have some amazing photos to look back on when Jet Cavoodle is no longer with us, which is something sadly I've started to think about as he inches closer to his 10th birthday.

Boston 4

Some years I take standard shots in locations you'd expect, like out on the lawn in the backyard, at the beach, on the lounge (yes we are those people and wouldn't have it any other way). So, last year I thought I'd change things up and have a bit of fun. Jet's first birthday in Fiji was celebrated in true Bula style.

Normally I'm not one to dress him up, we do the odd neckerchief here or there and he does have his 'good going out' collar, so doing the Bula birthday shoot was something a bit wacky for me and I loved it. Jet didn't seem too bothered because he fell alseep while I was taking the shots, which probably speaks more to how many photos I've taken of him that anything else. I am super lucky that he will sit still for up to an hour at a time.

Boston 5

If you're new to pet photography and would like to give it a whirl you might like to read my top 10 tips for awesome pet photography to get you started. And, the more you practice the better you'll become. 

There's really nothing quite like the amazingness of a professional standard image that are clearly worlds apart from a happy snap taken on an iPhone.

Boston 7

I love that these shots were taken Boston Cavoodle's birthday, professionally capturing the moment is such a wonderful idea.

Erin from Erin Camille Photography, Melbourne Pet Photographer, took these shots and I think you'll agree she did an amazing job. I just love the how the colour pops off the page.

So if you're looking for a Erin is offering MyOodle followers a fantastic MyOodle special to have your dog photographed in her studio. 

Have you considered a professional pet photo session for your dog?

I'd also love to see photos if you've already had one done. 

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