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Samson the Dood - Goldendoodle

Samson the Dood - Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are really cute with their fluffy teddy bear likeness. But do you know the newest dog who cause a fluff bomb in IG? And do you know why he might be way cooler than you?


Samson the Dood is the newest New York top pooch with over 60,000 Instagram Followers. He is easily recognized by the strangers on the streets of the city. His owner Jessica, who lives in Brooklyn with her husband Alex, said: "It's funny when we are out in certain areas of New York - he always seems to get recognized. He's super social so can get along with all types of dogs which makes it really fun for us and he's super smart which also makes him highly trainable."

"I think one of his greatest joys is getting to play with other dogs so we always make a big effort for him to enjoy hanging with his friends and in return we've made some great friends out of it. Samson is amazing as a pet."

This golden retriever-cross-poodle got a stir in Instagram with his social media page featuring New York's iconic sights like Brooklyn Bridge and the Washington Memorial Arch.

Unlike most goldendoodles, Samson is enjoying a high-end life. He likes to party at the rooftop bars and is always hanging out with his socialite furry friends. This fashionable hound was also in the event hosted by high-end company, Coach and Veuve Clicquot. He also boast a reality star Lauren Conrad as a fan.

Medical resident Jessica, 31, adopted the goldendoodle as a puppy in April 2014 from a breeder in Ontario, Canada. She added: "I didn't want my friends and family to get annoyed with all my photos of Samson which is why we started the Instagram account so they could choose to follow him if they wanted.

"I think it got popular because he lives in Brooklyn so people get a glimpse of his city life."

"I like to add a human aspect to him which I think makes him relatable to everyone. He loves good food, travel and fun plus he's intelligent, athletic and social."

Jessica is aware Samson's new found fame is likely to bring lots of business opportunities.

She said: "We've been contacted by brands for advertising but we don't do a lot, only the brands of things we would use and believe in.

"One of my main goals is to keep his feed as authentic as possible but if a cute dog can help bring attention to a great campaign - I'm all for it."

Does your poodle mix dog have an instragram account? Jet Cavoodle does you can find him at @MyOodle

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