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Seeking Photo Submissions for MyOodle

Seeking Photo Submissions for MyOodle

Do You Want Your Dog To Be Included on MyOodle?

After such an overwhelming response to our 2016 charity dog calendar, I've had so many comments and emails asking for dogs to be included in next year's calendar. So I've had an idea?

 Seeking Photo Submissions for MyOodle Website, Social Media & Products

I've had a flood of ideas for new and exciting products that have opportunities for more dogs to be included. In this year's calendar I added groups of dogs in an attempt to include as many MyOodle followers as possible but want to give more opportunities to share some oodle love around.

The first product will be announced shortly as I have a some homework to do researching which of my ideas are viable. My hope is that it will ready in time for your Christmas shopping.

In the meantime I want to get as many photo submissions from my MyOodle community so I can include as many of your dogs as possible. Apart from products, MyOodle is always on the look out for high quality poodle mix photos to share on blog posts and my Facebook page.

The process for the 2017 calendar will be similar to this year and everybody will get a chance to enter when the time comes. This call for images is seperate to the calendar application process.

What Am I Looking For?

Just like the calendar I'm seeking high quality images both in size (1mb-6mb) and composition. Both landscape and portrait though landscape images are my preference. Images with no humans are best. Plain backgrounds are awesome, though amazing scenery is also great. If you think it's great, send it.

Please include the following details in your entry:

1. Dog's Name

2. Age

3. Breed

4. Location - town, state, country

5. Your Name

6. Professional Photographer's Company Name

7. Name your images with your dog's name, breed and location ie. Jet Cavoodle Fiji 01, Jet Cavoodle Fiji 02 

All submissions will be considered though my decision for inclusion in any future MyOodle projects or online channels will be final.  Please include permission from any professional photographers who may have taken the images.

Professional photos used in relation to products will be credited via a thank you blog post on - there won't be space on the products to credit all contributors on the product. 

Please email your suggestions to , photos future products will be accepted anytime. 

Look What Arrived Today!
Introducing Lisa Messenger & Benny Cavoodle

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