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Shipoo Adoption

Shipoo Adoption

Poodle rescue knew very little about him other than he's afraid of men and found wandering the streets.  He ended up in a pound where the rescue folks pulled him and moved him into a foster home, where he was included with 3 standard poodles.

I paid $250 to the rescue and took Milo home. He would not let me close to him, he just cowered away and hid his head.  He sat in front of the food bowl and whined, did not eat.  He hid in the corner of the bedroom all night long.

The Vet visit, the next day, proved disturbing.  Milo was underweight at 7 pounds and was approx. a year old. He had a Very infected neutering stitch at the base of his "you know what" that was imbedded deep.  He Needed all puppy shots, blood test for heart worm, heart worm meds, antibiotics and he wasn't eating because he had a jaw problem and couldn't chew..I had to take him to a Doggie specialist (dentist) to have his jaw looked at and while under anesthesia for his teeth/Jaw, have the infected stitch removed.   The doggie dentist discovered that his top tooth was hitting the bottom tooth, thus preventing Milo from being able to bite or chew..Now I know why he was staring at his food, he couldn't eat!  After all the vet bills and all Milo's pain, he started to eat, move closer and closer to me every day, and start to investigate the whole house.
 Milo Shipoo | MyOodle
{Milo when I got him home 2 years ago}
I also started to take him to doggie daycare, visits to anyone I knew was a available every week to get him used to people.  Any Male friends came in to my house with a treats for him. 
Milo Shoodle | MyOodle
 {Milo relaxing in his backyard now}
Milo has just had his 3rd birthday and is now 12 pounds, eats like a pro, runs to anyone for scratches and hugs and is the love of my life.  He now sleeps on the pillow next to me and "owns" everything in the house and the yard.  Saving Milo was the best thing I have ever done!
Have you rescued a poodle mix dog, I'd love to hear from you? 
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