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Top 10 MyOodle Posts for 2015

Top 10 MyOodle Posts for 2015

Wow what a year! There's been so much going on I've barely had time to tell you about it. Unlike a lot of blogs I'm going to have time to do some catching up over Christmas and New Year. Throughout the year I find I can't blog as much as I would like because I'm working on other clients projects, which I might say is an awesome problem to have. Living in Fiji also adds is wonderful but also adds a level of complexity and often means tasks take longer to complete. I've learnt this year I've got to be realistic about the volume the projects I can realistically get done and still have time left over for some fun in the sun.

Mr MyOodle drew the short straw and has to spend some of the time over Christmas and New Year working. I won't be doing client work, I'll pop in here when I feel like it and fill you in on some of this year's goings on and get ready for 2016. I have a thousand ideas running through my mind, let's just see how many I can get across the line.

In the meantime MyOodle did have some cracking blog posts during 2015 so I thought I would share the top 10 with you today in case you miss any along the way.

10. Health Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

A super helpful blog post discussing the benefits of coconut oil and your dog. I started Jet on coconut oil this year and will talk about it and his skin issues in a blog post to be posted really soon.

9. Seeking Photo Submissions for MyOodle

Wow, did we get some interest in this one. And by the way it's still open. If you want your dog to appear on or in a MyOodle product in the future then please

8. Introducing the first ever MyOodle Diary

This year I added some funky MyOodle products that have been on my list since the beginning and this year came to reality. And next year

7. Meet Dog Artist Christopher Cline & Juji Goldendoodle

Christopher posts daily on the goldendoodle groups on Facebook and has a massive following, he was kind enough to share some of his photos with me so I could show you his incredible talent.

6. Hi Jet Cavoodle Here I Have A Big Announcement

During the year our oodle extended family expanded and boy is there some cuteness in this post.

4. Cobi Cavoodle's Adoption Story

Cobi was adopted in 2013 and this blog post continues to be read thousands of times each year, it still warms my heart each time I pop in to have a read.

3. How to Safely Cut The Hair Around Your Dog's Eyes?

I'd been cutting the hair around Jet's eyes for years until I realised others didn't know how and / or were too scared to do so. This is one of the best blog posts I've ever done because so many people benefit from it.

2. How to Photograph a Black Dog

Who would have thought! This is actually MyOodle's top blog post of 2015 and came about because I needed to take photos of Oreo Cavoodle, Jet's new cavoodle cousin. I'm to glad it was so helpful to so many people.

1.Types of Poodle Mix Dogs

Our types of poodle mix dogs page has a menu item all of it's own. I'd love it if you pop through and have a look if we're missing any.

So that's the round up for 2015, I wonder what 2016 will bring and can't wait to find out.

2015 Cutest Poodle Mix Dogs
The Perfect Way to Spend a Lazy New Year's Day!

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