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What's been doing?

What's been doing?

​You may have noticed I've been blogging with less frequency for the past few months, so I thought I'd pop in today and fill you in on what's been going on.

Do you remember back just before we left Singapore I wrote about MyOodle creating the opportunity for an entirely new career?

Since moving to Fiji I've been busy working on other people's digital marketing strategies and designing websites for clients in Fiji and Australia. I was pushing to be everything and get it all done. Late last year I was exhausted. So many trips, so many visitors, so much work, two websites, a home to run and a country to explore. Health and fitness were going by the way side. I've always eaten healthy food with a good dose of treats thrown in but sitting at a desk all day with barely acceptable internet was taking it's toll.

When 2016 rolled around I decided I needed to be more realistic about what could be achieved given our life and living in Fiji. I also didn't want to look back and not have seen and made the most of living in Fiji. Two cyclones and a major flood later, mother nature gave me no choice but to sit up and listen.

There will be days when the power goes out 6 times and the only thing I achieve is managing two generators and send sending one email off to ensure the new big generator gets insured; true story.

So if it means one less blog post happens because I'm out making the most of living in Fiji and fitting in my daily exercise, amongst all the other competing 'things to do', then I'm going to be ok with that. MyOodle is never far from my heart and interestingly I'll probably end up producing as much content as I did in the past I'm just going to take a different approach to it.

For the past two weeks we've been exploring Fiji in our boat, if you're interested in seeing more about our Fiji adventures I'd love to show you around. I then came home to client meetings and a two photo shoots. Today I've taken a breath.  This blog post was going be published prior to leaving and well you guessed it, Fiji got in the way. Just prior to leaving on our last holiday an opportunity for a trip to Singapore popped up. So rather than be thinking I need to get back to it, I'm going and can't wait. I'll see you again in the last week of May once I'm back.

Be assured, I'll never be far away or for that long. 

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